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CCAN 3rd Annual Conference
Event Overview

The Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN) held their annual conference on Saturday 11 November 2006, from 9am - 4pm at the Long Island Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, New York. Several prominent physicians specializing in diagnosis and treatment of Carcinoid Cancer addressed the conference, and the question and answer session provided an opportunity for dialogue between patients, caregivers and specialists. Panel Discussion This was the 3rd annual CCAN event held in Long Island, and was accompanied by a lively dinner and dance. The event was organized by Bob and Maryann Wahmann, and more than 125 people attended.

  • New Developments in Carcinoid Tumors

    Hal Gerstein MD, Medical Director of Cancer Research of Long Island, Inc.
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  • Carcinoid and Related Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETS)

    Richard R. P. Warner MD, Clinical Professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital New York and Medical Director of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
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  • Diagnosis and Management of NETs

    Eugene Woltering MD, FACP, James D. Rives Professor of Surgery and Neuroscience at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans
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  • Clinical Markers of NETs of the Gastrointestinals Pancreatc Axis

    Aaron Vinik MD, PhD, FCP, FACP, Director of the Diabetes Research Institute and Scientific Director, Department of Medicine and Professor of Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School
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  • Diagnostic Imaging for Carcinoid and NET Tumors

    Stanley J. Goldsmith MD, Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology at The New York Presbyterian Hospital and Professor of Radiology and Medicine at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University
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  • Inherited NETs

    Nancy Gardner, ARNP, PhD, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center (and Nurse Practitioner for Larry Kvols, MD)
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  • Question and Answer Session

    Panel of Speakers, including: Richard Warner, Eugene Woltering, Aaron Vinik, Stanley Goldsmith and Nancy Gardner
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About Us

The Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN) is a non-profit organization incorporated in July of 2004. Our mission is to intensify awareness of carcinoid cancer in both the medical community and the general public- locally and nationally.

CCAN also wishes to assist support groups around the world in providing patients and caregivers access to important information about this disease. We also provide funding to other organizations for research into carcinoid cancer and other neuroendocrine tumors.

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