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Carcinoid / NET Conference 2005
The Current State of the Art in Diagnosis and Treatment of Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors
Event Overview

Carcinoid / NET 2005 took place on September 22nd through 24th at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia. The conference was geared towards patients and their families, focusing on diagnosis and management of carcinoid and other neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).

Carcinoid is often called a rare disease. Well, it's not that rare when you consider that nearly 8,000 cases of carcinoid tumors are diagnosed each year in the United States, and another 1,200 in the UK. Worldwide there are more than ten thousand such cases diagnosed annually; and because of better diagnostic techniques and greater awareness - even more are diagnosed each year. More attention and earlier recognition has improved patient prospects. Today there are a number of treatment options available to patients, some of which can potentially result in carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors being managed as a chronic rather than terminal illness.

event photos by Monica Warner

event photos by Monica Warner This conference was organized to make patients and caregivers aware of the most recent medical information concerning diagnosis and management of their tumors. Like past annual carcinoid conference events, the speakers include many of the medical industry's leading experts on carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors. The conference recordings (listed below) extend the reach of their insights to a worldwide audience.

Such conferences are also a chance for attendees to reconnect and share personal experiences. As shown in these photographs, the conference was well attended and a much appreciated by the carcinoid / NET community.

More event photos are available for viewing and your comments are welcome.
Presentations from Day 1

  • Carcinoid and Related Neuroendocrine Tumors:
    Introduction & Overview

    Dr. Richard Warner
    Viewing time: 61 minutes
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  • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasias: New Views on Endocrine Tumors
    Dr. Stephen Marx
    Viewing time: 58 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Interventional Oncology for Neuroendocrine Tumors Embolization, Chemoembolization, Radioembolization and Ablation
    Dr. Michael Soulen
    Viewing time: 61 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Surgical Treatment of Carcinoids/NET
    Dr. Douglas Fraker
    Viewing time: 53 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • The Rationale for Management & Treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumors - An Endocrinologists View
    Dr. Thomas O'Dorisio
    Viewing time: 56 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • New Directions In Cancer Treatment
    Dr. Louis Weiner
    Viewing time: 61 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Doctors' Panel
    Chaired by Dr. Larry Kvols
    Viewing time: 61 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
Presentations from Day 2

  • Clinical Aspects of Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Dr. Aaron Vinik
    Viewing time: 75 minutes
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  • Molecular Radiotherapy of Neuroendocrine Malignancies Using Radiolabeled Somatostatin Analogs
    Dr. Larry Kvols
    Viewing time: 27 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Facts, Fiction and in Between: Nutrition for Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Monica Warner
    Viewing time: 50 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Managing Uncertainty
    Margaret Lazar
    Viewing time: 46 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Mind/Body Workshop
    Gabriel Rocco
    Viewing time: 46 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
Rationale for Hope

"This Conference for patients and their doctors updates and summarizes the cutting edge of knowledge and research on Carcinoid and related neuroendocrine tumors. Dispersal of such information about this rare group of diseases can be life saving for some and provide hope for all."

- Richard R.P. Warner M.D., Medical Director, Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc.
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Philadelphia skyline photo
© Christa Chaffinch

Event photos © Monica Warner

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© Michael Jastremski
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