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Carcinoid/NET Patient Conference 2006
Developing Partnerships: The TEAM Approach
Event Overview

The Carcinoid/NET Patient Conference 2006 took place from September 29th through 30th at the Double Tree Hotel, Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon. The conference included a one-day program for physicians and a two-day program for patients and their families, focusing on diagnosis and management of carcinoid and other neuroendocrine tumors (NETs). The webcasts listed below document the patient conference - the physician conference was not recorded.

Carcinoid cancer and other neuroendocrine tumors present multifaceted medical problems. Due to their relatively rare occurrence, they are often misdiagnosed or go untreated for years. Many advances are being made in improving prognosis, detection, and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors.

This event was the largest event ever held by a carcinoid cancer support group, and brought together a never before assembled in one place group of the leading physicians and researchers in this field of medicine. As you will find when you review the webcast recordings, the information provided in this conference can help patients and caregivers in several ways:
  • Highlights the newest approaches and technologies used to identify and treat neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Provides concrete strategies on appropriate NET disease management.
  • Inspires patients to implement lifestyle changes that will substantially improve their quality of life.
The hosts for the 2006 conference were the Washington & Oregon chapters of the Pacific Northwest Carcinoid Cancer Support Group. The conference was organized by Corie Dean (founder of the Pacific Northwest support group) and Kari Brendtro, and supported by the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc.

The goal of the event was to present patients, caregivers, family, and physicians news of the latest advances in diagnostics and treatment for individuals with neuroendocrine cancers. And as you'll see in the webcasts, there was an overwhelming amount of information presented. The goal of these webcasts is to make this information available to a larger audience.

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is nearing 40 years old, and many doctors who pioneered the study of neuroendocrine tumors are getting on in years. The foundation encourages younger doctors to embrace the treatment of patients with NETs, and to carry on research in the field. This year the foundation gave awards to several of them, including researchers Muthusamy Kunnimalaiyaan, PhD; Girish Shah, PhD; and Mathieu Beland, (medical student). Dr. Kunnimalaiyaan is Director of the Endocrine Surgery Research Lab at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Shah is Head of the Laboratory for Skin Cancer Research at Laval University Medical Research Center in Quebec, Canada, where Mr. Beland is a member of the research team. Pictured above are (from left) Mrs. Shah, Monica Warner, Dr. Kunnimalaiyaan, Dr. Richard R.P. Warner, Dr. Shah, and Mr. Beland.

More event photos and a slideshow are available for viewing on Flickr®, and your comments are welcome.
Presentations from Day 1

  • A TEAM Approach to NET Disease Diagnosis And Management
    A Panel Group Discussion with Selected Case Studies
    Introduction & Chair: Eugene Woltering
    Panel Members: Kjell Öberg, Bertram Wiedenmann, Guido Rindi, Anthony Heaney, Patricia Pellikka, and Robert H. Reid
    Viewing time: 2 hours, 3 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Pathology & Surgical Management of NETs
    Introduction & Chair: Larry Kvols
    Panel Members: Larry Kvols, Guido Rindi, Rodney Pommier, Eugene Woltering, and Herbert Chen
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 14 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Introduction & Chair: Stanley Goldsmith
    Panelists: Bertram Wiedenmann, Robert H. Reid, and Kjell Öberg
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 12 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Monitoring NETs: Which Tests and How Often
    Introduction & Chair: Edward Wolin
    Panelists: Thomas O'Dorisio, Eugene Woltering, Aaron Vinik
    Viewing time: 53 minutes
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Breakout Sessions from Day 1
Note: The sessions below were concurrent, and the recording quality varies. Some presentations were in progress when recording began.

  • Carcinoid / NETs 101: For the Newly Diagnosed
    Richard Warner, Kjell Öberg, and Edward Wolin
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 23 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Unknown Primaries / Pediatric NETs
    Bertram Wiedenmann and Sue O'Dorisio
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 1 minute
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Lung Carcinoid
    Dan Grandberg and Lowell Anthony
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 19 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Islet Cell, MEN1 and other 'Nomas
    Larry Kvols, Herbert Chen, Robert Jensen, and Stephen Marx
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 23 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Secondary Diseases
    Aaron Vinik, Thomas O'Dorisio, and Patricia Pellikka
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 5 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Navigating Through Insurance Systems
    Joe Koplin and Angela Lim
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 14 minutes
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Presentations from Day 2

  • Targeted Therapies & Treatment Guidelines
    Introduction & Chair: Rodney Pommier
    Panelists: Lowell Anthony, Larry Kvols, James Yao, Matthew Kulke,
    and Herbert Chen
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 36 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Living With Carcinoid/NET Disease:
    Confronting Physical & Emotional Changes

    Presenters: Giovanna Joyce Imbesi and Susan Hedlund
    Note: There were other concurrent sessions, but they were not recorded.
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 19 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Nutrition & Carcinoid
    Presenters: Miles Hassell and Monica E Warner
    Note: There was no video recorded during this session.
    Viewing time: n/a
    View:    slides (PDF)
  • Current Treatments for Metastatic Disease
    Introduction & Chair: Edward Wolin
    Panelists: Kjell Öberg, James Yao, and Anthony Heaney
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 11 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
  • Management of Liver Metastases
    Introduction & Chair: Anthony Heaney
    Panelists: Douglas Coldwell, Rodney Pommier, and Robert H. Reid
    Viewing time: 1 hour, 21 minutes
    View:    broadband  |  lowband  |  MP3 (audio)
No Substitute

For those of us with carcinoid/NET disease there is no substitute for experts who have chosen to devote their career to this cancer. The information presented at this conference provided treatment options that were never mentioned by my local medical doctors. This conference was awesome!

- Ron Saltzman, patient since July '06, has duodenal tumor with mets to the liver
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